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Moving Home?

Moving home is never an easy task!

At Core Relocations great care and planning is undertaken to provide our clients with a stress-free moving experience.  Most of our clients move with us several times and we depend on our referrals because of satisfied clients.

Core is known for meticulous attention to detail & thorough planning offering our clients the best service possible. Allow us to put your mind at ease – our staff is properly trained to ensure that the task is made easier for you, our client.  We offer packing & specialised packing services, storage and also Liability cover (please see our terms and conditions)

Packing materials & services:

Packing is the most time-consuming stage of moving home but if planned well, it can be bearable and a stress-free exercise.

A comprehensive packing service is offered by Core relocations. Only clean, high quality packing materials are utilized to ensure the safe transportation of your household goods. Durable plastic covers can be provided for all mattresses and upholstered furniture. Should you require packing of your household by Core, only skilled & trained packers are used.  It is essential to consider special wrapping for your prized belongings – please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance Core is able to assist with the supply of packing materials should you wish to attend to your own packing eg. Cartons, white paper, buff tape, bubble wrap.


Should you require storage facilities – Core can assist. Our rates are extremely competitive – we cater for your individual needs. Goods are safely packed away at our secure premises and a comprehensive inventory is compiled for peace of mind. Do not store confidential papers eg id documents, insurance policies, vehicle details, passports, family heirlooms and photos.  If you foresee that you might need certain items whilst in storage, please indicate this to your supervisor upon loading.  Please notify Core if you have a change of address, phone numbers or email address while in storage.

Should you wish to access your goods whilst in storage – handling fees are applicable.  Adequate notice (0ne month) is required when goods are taken out of storage.


Should you require Liability cover, you need to complete a Value Declaration form and the Liability acceptance fee must be paid to Core Relocation before commencement of your move.  Any liability accepted by Core Relocations is subject to our Terms & Conditions pertaining to All Risks Insurance.

Service Quality:

The quality of our service is closely monitored by management.  We invite our clients to complete our “Quality Control Form” on completion of the move enabling us to always strive to deliver the best service possible.  We are committed to our customers to provide exceptional service and this can only be done by measure & reward.