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Furniture Installations

New furniture:

Core offers a range of affordable and good quality office chairs, desks and boardroom/meeting furniture that can be tailored to meet the client’s requirements.

New Furniture Installations:

In many office relocations there is usually an element of either new furniture that has to be installed, or a quantity of existing furniture that has to be dismantled and re-assembled to enable it’s removal.

Core can ensure the safe unpacking and assembling of your office furniture as per your new or existing office layout.  Our staff is competent and knowledgeable ensuring a highly co-ordinated and efficient installation.

Used Office Furniture – buy & sell

Do you have excess office furniture you no longer need or require good quality 2nd office furniture for your office?

Core can assist!  Feel free to contact our office for any assistance in this regard or view our available furniture at our premises situated at 29 Linton Close, Beaconvale, Parow